These testimonials were made by customers of Emma Plus Limited, Brighton, United Kingdom before its closure in 2016...

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"Just wanted to say that I am so glad I finally made it to your shop. Having known of your existence for a while I finaly visited needing an outfit for a wedding and it was a real pleasure, and as you know I could have bought lots more! I am looking forward to my next visit already. "

Sally Matson

"Imagine my delight on entering your shop last Saturday, to find that none of the usual irritations and frustrations applied. You and your team are amazing. The 'Emma Plus' experience was so positive and uplifting; what a contrast! Thank you for your warm welcome and your extremely valuable advice and input. I will be back! "


"This is the best place to go to get the best clothes for us better endowed ladies! Emma and Jaq are real trend setters! "

Sandra Fruen

"I had my first (and definitely not my last) visit to your shop on Friday. I didn't know what to expect but I arrived with an open mind and a feeling of hope. We (hubby Chris was driver/2nd opinion if needed) entered the shop to be greeted with smiles, hello's and more importantly for Chris, a comfy sofa and a cup of tea. I have never been treated so nicely in a shop before, you all wanted to know what the outfit was for (our son's 1st Communion and a posh wedding) and all the ladies started to suggest outfits or pieces that would be appropriate for my shape, height, colouring and for the occasion. No-one was pushy, and the only real advice was to try on all suggestions and see what I liked, and what I felt comfortable in. I did find two outfits that I loved – one for my two occasions, and one because I just loved it! I keep thinking 'What was the best part?' but I still can't decide. I loved the way you looked after Chris, and still managed to look after everyone else arriving in the shop. I love the fact that my clothes are being altered to fit me, and I love the fact that I have to come back to collect them and try them on knowing that you won't let me leave until they are perfect. Thank you for making shopping a wonderful experience again... "

Diane Cullen

"A very grateful thanks to you both for all your help yesterday after yet another exhaustive but satisfying session in your shop. As usual you came up with all the correct clothes, wonderful help and comments. I know that I never have to ask for a size as you always manage to come up with the correct one, or if not, out come the dressmaker's pins! It's so nice to be treated as a normal person and not given the cold shoulder when you mention you are a plus size in other shops. On entering your shop you are immediately made to feel at home with no pressure to buy and a welcome rest is always guaranteed on the sofa with a 'cuppa'! You are both inevitably correct in deciding what will suit me, and I know I can just relax and wait impaiently in the fitting room for you to keep the flow of clothes coming. "

Nicola (Madrid, Spain)

"Walking into the shop for the first time marked a turning point in my relationship with clothes and clothes shopping. I had driven 70 miles in the hope of finding something which would make the trip worthwhile. Suddenly I found myself welcomed warmly into a shop and not judged for my size or pressured into buying something that didn't suit me. Next came the choice of things which I actually liked, for once I was spoilt for choice and could turn things down because they weren't quite right. The clothes weren't frumpy and fit beautifully. And if the fit wasn't perfect... then they would alter them for free. Fourteen years on and whilst some things have changed (I'm no longer in my mid '20s and now live 1000 miles from Brighton rather than a paltry 70) others haven't. I'm still large, although at Emma Plus I'm only considered a medium, and I still buy all my clothes at Emma Plus. On Saturday I made one of my now twice yearly pilgrimages to Brighton (from Spain) to visit Emma and Jaq and to re-stock my wardrobe for Summer '09. As usual it was a real pleasure and I came away with everything, and more, than I wanted. If you are out there, frustrated about the lack of great clothes for larger women, and wondering if it's worth the risk of giving up a day to get down to Brighton, then I say TAKE A CHANCE... like me, it could change your relationship with clothes forever! Believe me when I say that Emma Plus is unique. Emma and Jaq have a wonderful eye for fashion so the choice is always varied and great, the service is second-to-none and, what really makes the difference and could never be duplicated, are Emma and Jaq themselves who are the warmest and most friendly people I have been able to find within 1000 miles of home. "

Lara (Melbourne, Australia)

"Seven years ago I took on a work assignment in the UK; lived in Hayward's Heath, worked in Sayer's Common, explored the lanes and byways of Brighton on weekends. And one Saturday, there I found Emma and her staff as I stumbled out of the Church St carpark. Coming from a mass-production-oriented, anything-in-black-is-what-they-deserve environment here in Australia; I was overjoyed to discover Emma's range. Actually, I think I was quietly prodded out the door at closing time after several hours on my first visit; thank you in retrospect for your patience, ladies. I'm still wearing two of the lovely pieces I found that first weekend – a beautiful faux-houndstooth swing jacket and an elegant heavy black tunic; although the tunic is showing signs of age at this stage. I'm saving for a return visit; my husband is slowly growing accustomed to the idea of a trip to the UK so I can shop properly again. Hope to see you soon; and if not, can I be your Australian agent? Please? *smile* "


"Let me share some experiences with my other voluptuous friends.... I am in the UK via New York – where the range of clothing for us curvier gals is extensive and on trend. I found Emma and Jaq when I was working living in Brighton (Hove actually) and it was like I stumbled upon Nirvana and my best mates all at the same time. I love these women and I love their tastes and their honesty! They are treasures – they understand that great looks need not be restricted to size 10s. All my best stuff comes from them – and all are staples in my wardrobe. The alteration service is a fab bonus... its like bespoke tailoring. Whether it's a business suit, a linen jacket or a fantasy evening coat... you will find it at Emma's and it will look great and you will look even better! Keep it up ladies... the best is yet to come. "

Chrissi Gordon

"I wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help and advice yesterday. I was on my first visit to your shop after a tiring drive but felt like I had stepped into a friends home. It was such a pleasure to actually have a choice of outfits to try on instead of grabbing the only thing that fitted! I can't wait to wear my new dress to the wedding and it has helped me feel more confident knowing that I have a fabulous outfit to wear. Thanks again, will post a photo to you after the wedding. Keep up the good work. "

Sandra Fruen

"Once again, many thanks for all you help with the outfit and my other bits, and for putting up with me changing my mind. I will definitely return to you again, especially if I need something for a special day, so that I am guaranteed that no-one else will be wearing the same as me, and because I know that you will ensure that it fits me perfectly! See you all soon. "


"Just wanted to say thank you for the cream top that I received last week. What a difference alterations make. It is now like it was made for me. I have already received two compliments this morning on my outfit. I am wearing it with my cobalt blue trousers also from Emma Plus. Looking forward to my next trip down to Emma Plus. "

Kim P

"I found you via the Anna Scholz website. I was in Brighton a couple of weeks ago so popped in for the first time and was made to feel very welcome. I was not looking for anything in particular, just anything that grabbed my eye and at Kim's suggestion tried on a pair of Brand jeans. They were devine, so comfortable and well styled, no more gaps at the waist! I called you this morning and I'm pleased to say the jeans had arrived safely when I got home. I'm wearing them now and very pleased with the altered leg length and I'm sure they will not be the last pair of jeans I buy from you. The alteration service is a great added bonus. I'm in Brighton tomorrow so I hope I have time to call and browse through your sale items but if not I will call in again later in the year as it's so nice to visit a retailer who offers the level of service you do. "


"I just wanted to thank you all so much, for helping me find a stunning new frock! I came into your lovely shop last week on a trip down to Brighton from Manchester and am so glad I did! It was such a welcoming environment and the service was wonderful. Kim really helped me find a gorgeous dress, a beautiful Anna Scholz orange and black knot dress that I just feel wonderful in and will be gorgeous at my friends wedding in September. I know I'll be down in Brighton again visitng my family and will absolutely be popping in to say hello and have another little browse. Thanks again ladies you were lovely. "

Angela Brown

"I came to your shop at the end of April with the intention of just buying a pair of cropped trousers. Among the things I bought that day were a full length black dress and a matching 3/4 sleeve shrug/cardigan. I wore these together when were on a cruise recently and a gentleman I have never met before told me that he thought my dress was beautiful and that I looked lovely. I felt so good! A complete stranger has never said anything like that to me before so thank you so much for spending the time with me earlier in the year to make sure I had the perfect combination. "

Elizabeth Stredwick

"Thank you for all your help on Saturday. It was so good to have advice on the sort of outfit I wanted. It was also so refreshing to have such excellent customer service. Now I have had a little time to read your forum I realise that you expertly guided me towards the exact outfit that apple shapes look good in! I know that I will be visiting your shop again as I have found the perfect activity for me when my husband goes walking on the South Downs! "

Kim P

"The aubergine Brand jeans were waiting for me on my return from holiday and they are an excellent fit, I wish I had found them years ago! I wore my blue pair of Brand jeans on a 12-hour long-haul flight and they were so comfortable. I really recommend them for travel; you hardly notice you are wearing them! I also wore the Elena Miro outfit purchased last month and received several compliments. In the tropical heat the lightweight fabric was ideal and, thanks to the cut, didn't cling at all. I'll be keeping a close eye on your blog to read about all the new goodies arriving, especially Brand. Thanks again Emma Plus. "


"Just a quick note to thank you for last Saturday; it was lovely to see you and, as usual, I came away with some beautiful clothes. I wore the Elena Miro shirt and Verpas trousers to work yesterday for an important customer meeting and felt great. I am praying for cold weather so that I can get out the new coat. I absolutely love it, it's wonderfully tailored. "

Liz Rylance

"Finding Emma Plus in the summer of 1994 (was it REALLY that long ago?) has changed my life in the clothing sense. My first purchase – the lovely turquoise swing jacket – is still going strong! Visiting Emma Plus is always fun – hours of trying on wonderful clothes with Emma and Jaq making me feel like a million dollars. Thank you. "


"This is just a note to say a big thank you to Emma for taking the stress out of purchasing outfits for professional women. Many of us have to have an image which conforms modestly and traditionally to the roles that we hold in society. Finding clean lines, correct colours and a confortable fit (all the c's) is almost impossible in a busy schedule. Getting the outfit altered without charge is the greatest service ever offered. You and your team have big hearts. My thanks Emma. "

Kim P

"Thanks for your great assistance when I called into the shop recently. I'm still marvelling at the way you were able to pick out super items for me to try on that I hadn't even considered myself. It really takes a lot of the hassle out of clothes shopping and there is never any pressure to buy. As you know I liked the look of the Nanso top you featured on 22nd August and was delighted to find you had one in stock that fits like a dream – so much so that I bought the green version too! The material is so soft, the cut of the top is great and the length is spot on. It really is a throw on and forget about it item, but at the same time unusual and smart. I like the way the pockets are properly sewn in and don't stick out at the sides unlike so many mass produced garments that, as a result, make us look wider at the hips. It goes lovely with the augergine coloured Brand jeans that I had bought previously. I'm also really pleased with the lilac tunic from NP which Emma picked out for me. It's another simple easy-to-wear top which I've already worn with the sale bargain black Sallie Sahne shrug. I'd never worn a shrug before but I can see now how versatile this sort of item can be. The cut-off trousers that Kim picked out for me have also been worn, so it was a highly successful and enjoyable visit! Anyway, I look forward to receiving the super black Brand jeans when back from alteration. I can see me ending up with many pairs of these jeans; they are simply superb. "

Liz Rylance

"Whenever I come into Emma Plus I KNOW that I am going to have a wonderful time both socially and as a shopping experience. You and Jaq find a fantastic selection of clothes for me to try on, some of which are well outside my 'comfort zone' – but thank goodness for that! Thanks to your knowledge I have worn so many more colours and styles, even – shock horror – a white linen long jacket (one of my absolute favourites)! Me? In white? Surely not? Oh yes, and it makes me feel fantastic. :-) So thank you both for opening up the world of fashion to me. Long may you reign! "

Amanda Richards

"I visited your shop today. As soon as I entered... lovely greeting from Jaq... let me just me mooch... offered a drink and sat down and spoke to another lovely customer! Jaq picked lots of beautiful clothes to try on and she is so honest about how I looked, I dread shopping normally (buying frumpy or boring things). Your shop has style. I love Anna Scholz; she makes clothes for proper ladies. For the first time in ages I felt confident and sexy! "

Gill Neal

"Way back in March (I think) I visited your shop at my wits end looking for an outfit for my son's wedding! The wedding took place on 18th July – we had a wonderful day and everyone said how fantastic my outfit was and where did I get it – I only told the larger ladies I'm afraid!! If you remember I also got a wonderful multicoloured silk top and black trousers (which you altered to perfection!) and a plum coloured silk suit for my son's graduation in July 2010 – however this will also be used for my first grandchild's christening as they are expecting their first child in June 2010! Never been happier – thanks to all at Emma Plus. PS If you remember I was with my size 8 friend, who is still VERY jealous of the choice I had. Thanks again – hope to see you soon. "

Marie O'Brien

"I came to Emma Plus in slight desperation for something fashionable and slightly larger than the shops generally stock, to wear. I'm not the worlds best shopper and had roped in my lovely friend to help me to find something to wear for a special occasion a week later – I do like to be prepared – NOT! I was giving her a bit of hard time because she was not able to find me something suitable that fitted, but fortunately I had looked up Emma Plus on the internet before my visit to Brighton – which is not my neck of the woods. The moment we came into the shop I felt supported and looked-after by Jaq and Kim. They picked out things for me so that I didn't even have to look at the rails, and I picked an Anna Scholtz dress which I wouldn't normally have chosen – with a lot of pattern. It didn't quite fit, but every cat was pulled out of the bag and Denisa altered the dress, with very little time to spare. The dress has now arrived with me and fits to perfection. The event is tomorrow and I am now really looking forward to it. I will send a pic so that you can all see the results of that fantastic support from everyone in the shop. Shopping is an emotional experience and for me and I am so glad that I walked into Emma Plus – which is a haven of humour, inspiration and assistance to find what you want. A priceless experience. Thank you. "


"I love the Verpass jacket, the trendy black top and the Anna Scholz jacket which you kindly sent (thanks Jaq). Most of all I love shopping with you – and being friends through the years. You have all been important to me in so many ways... besides the wonderful clothes, the unflagging service – always with a smile and a coffee – you have been as all good friends should be – positive, encouraging, caring and making me feel and look great. "

Angela Brown

"Thank you for the help today. As usual, I ended up with what I came in for and things I didn't know I couldn't live without! I have also thanked my very generous, and patient, husband (who knows what suits me better than I do). I love the fact that you can turn cropped trousers into shorts for me, and a dress that almost fits properly in to a perfect fit. I think I am set up for summer now – so bring on the sun! "

Emma Wakefield

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help on Saturday. Not only do I have some FAB new clothes to look forward to, but all my re-vamped and re-shaped old favourites to discover all over again too. I really can't think of ANY other shop that would offer to alter clothes bought 2 years ago!! Meeting Anna [Scholz] was the icing on the cake. Looking forward to seeing you again on Friday (but please don't let me try anything else on!) Emma "

Katerina Apostolidis

"Dear Emma and Jaq and the rest of your lovely team... I really want to thank you for the assistance in finding a dress for the wedding I had to attend to. I received many comments on how lovely the purple-white floral Anna Scholz dress was, and how nicely the colour suited me! I am looking forward to purchasing more clothes from your store, and I feel lucky to have found you. The majority of plus-size stores don't make their customers feel comfortable as you do, and don't offer the services that you do. I have learnt from you that having your clothes altered is not something to be ashamed of but a way to make them suit you! Once again thank you so much for help and your positive attitude! "


"Hi Emma, I was in your store yesterday and loved it, I was the Scottish girl who loved purple. I absolutely love the top that i purchased it was perfect for flying home last night. > P.S. thanks for your help yesterday, fancy opening a branch up here? "

Liz Rylance

"Hi Emma & Jaq I just had to drop you a line ('FINALLY' I hear you shout) to thank you for the 2 wonderful floaty tops and the absolutely stunning hatband that I bought from you recently. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours – thank you! Needless to say, the hatband and top were a huge success at the wedding, worn with the lovely jade/turquoise wide leg trousers that I bought earlier in the year./> Love to you both Liz x "


"Hi Emma and your wonderful assistant (whose name I forgot to ask!). I am the lady who came in wearing the Anna Scholz parka on Friday. I was so impressed with the service, selection and suggestions and help, and pleased with the bargains I bagged. Thanks again for a great shop and I'll definitely be back. "


"Thanks again for everything, it is SUCH a pleasure coming in to see you and the other ladies, shopping isn't the dreadful occurrence that it once was... "

Caroline Abram

"Hi, I just wanted to mail you to say how wonderful it was stumbling across your shop on Saturday. Totally unexpected, and to find such a unique selection of plus size clothes,excellent customer service and what a great time my friends and i had with the banter! It makes a change for them to have to sit and wait for me to try items on, and very comfy there were to on your lovely sofa! I am very pleased with my Anna Scholz top, and in the sale, great! I am also very excited about the new designs we discussed in the shop and cant wait to try them on! When is the next fashion show? (my offer still stands if you need a model...!!) I have already recommended you to two of my lucky friends so i hope to see you again very soon. Caroline. "

Sarah Copson

"What a wonderful first trip to Brighton!! Treating myself to a much needed day off I made the excuse of driving my daughter to work in Burgess Hill, and then, well, Emma Plus here I come – and I did. Was it worth the trip?? Well suffice to say I now have the most perfect wedding dress, EXACTLY what I was looking for – not traditional but luxiourious and simple :-), and with Kim on the staff it doesn't stop there. I was 'kimmed' and it was worth every minute and every penny. I have more confidence in my new look than I have ever had as a big girl. Wish I earnt more as so many gorgeous things I could have bought but I have a plan to 'invest' as often as I can not only in fabulous quality clothes but also time with some lovely women who KNOW how to dress us more buxom of women. THANK YOU and hope to see you soon. Sarah "


"I came across your shop at the beginning of September and couldn't praise Jac and Kim enough. They helped me feel welcome, knew what was in stock that would suit my taste and shape, and never pressured me to buy (I did that all by myself!). It was the most fun I've had shopping in years, and I'll be back asap. Thanks guys. "


"Dear Emma Plus, Thank you for making my wedding day special. I certainly felt like a radiant bride. My dress was gorgeous and everyone commented on it. I even got to wear it again as we went to the Reids Hotel in Madeira for afternoon tea and champagne. Also my mum looked good in her outfit. Thank you once again and that all your staff who took their time to look after us. Love, Julie xxx "

Nicola Sutherland

"Thanks for another great shopping experience on Saturday afternoon – my second visit to your shop, and the reason I influenced our shopping extravaganza day trip from Southampton to be in Brighton. You didn't have the Anna dress I was looking for – serves me right for being late – but still had loads of gorgeous stuff and I came out as laden as my first visit in April. The compliments came from my fellow shoppers – while they are not in the market for your range, both said what a lovely shop, amazing staff who clearly know their stuff, and give amazing service. Most importantly they both saw why I had brought them all the way Brighton! Looking forward to getting my altered red dress – and the Anna fashion show. Thanks for another great shopping experience. Nicola "

Angela Brown

"Just to let you know that my trousers and jeans, which had to be shortened, arrived in the post on Friday. They are perfect. Just one question, why do I always feel good when I wear items I bought from you? "

Jennie Ferrigno

"Hi there I drove to Brighton on Saturday for the purpose of visiting your shop and what a pleasue it was. I found two perfect items to bring home and saw many more that are possibilities. It was also a real pleasure to meet you and your staff Emma and I enjoyed our conversation. When will you open another shop in our nearest town (Marlow):-) "

Christine Prosser

"Hello Emma Just a note to thank you all for your help and advice on Saturday Drove down from Wales on Saturday morning looking for something to wear to my son's wedding in August. No idea what to expect but hoping for the best I was not dissapointed In no time at all I had a rack of clothes waiting to be tried on, believe me a rare treat when you're a plus size I honestly don't think I could have found a better selection anywhere else. I particularly appreciated the help and advice you gave me and the way you were able to suggest things I would never have tried on in a million years I am now the proud owner of a 'capsule wardrobe' in the making and can't wait to clear out all my old stuff to make room for some more of the lovely Elena Grunert. Once again thank you all for a most enjoyable visit and in the words of a famous movie star 'I'll be back' Regards Chris "

Diane Cullen

"Just to say thank you again for your help today. Only popped in to see if some summer T shirts were in stock, and as usual had wonderful range of tops to try on. So lovely to have garments chosen for you, and they always look so good on. As usual was found wonderful tops and super new trousers. It's always such a pleasure and relaxing experience. So thrilled to have such lovely tops, can't wait to wow my friends in Germany this week end with the exquisite ''personal choice'' chiffon top and sensitive trousers. Thank you Emma "

Sue Wooding

"I wanted to say what a wonderful time my friend Julia and I had when we visited your shop on Wednesday. Having found your website I had a hunch that it would be worth travelling to your shop from West Devon, in the search for something to wear to my son's wedding in July, and I wasn't wrong. A veritable treasure trove of colours, fabrics and styles and all in plus sizes. The choice would have been bewildering if it hadn't been for your knowledge and advice in selecting pieces for me to try on. You certainly have a very good eye and I tried on things I would not have thought would have suited me. In the end, I am completely excited about my chosen outfit although it is as far away from the colour I had envisaged wearing as it is possible to be. Julia and I agreed that we have never had such a happy time buying clothes ( she succumbed and bought 2 pieces, too) and we couldn't believe that we were with you for 3 hours. Heartfelt thanks to you both. "

Victoria Hollis

"Hello Ladies, I just wanted to say thankyou for such a fantastic event (The 'Meet Anna Scholz Day'). Meeting Anna and Darren was such a total and utter pleasure and dream come true. I was over the moon to win the prize draw. I LOVE MY DRESS ! What was so nice was everyone in the shop was getting the thrill of seeing exactly how well Anna's designs work. You had a multitude of shapes, sizes and ages and we all looked fantastic wearing Anna's designs. The cocktails and nibbles were a wonderful treat too. I think Pickle enjoyed all the attention as well – he seemed besotted with Anna too. I will be back soon without a doubt "


"I feel like I'm celebrating on so many different levels. I have the outfit I primarily came for and a bit more besides. My wedding outfit is just fabulous but if you'd described it to me I would have thought yuk! In fact I was dubious before I tried it on and saw myself in the mirror. I still think you have magic mirrors – I can't remember looking at myself and thinking ''wow girl you look great'' for several years if not decades. All the items I brought and yet I have left with just one. Everything else you are refining to suit my body and my taste – that is invaluable and surely unique in being included in the price of the garment. The clothes are all of such high quality and well made. It's a real treat not to have to compromise on that because I have the audacity to be a size 26. I'm also celebrating the knowledge that I'm going to more than hold my own with all the size 12 & 14s Yippee. I'm going to be 'on show' such a lot during the wedding that it feels a wonderful relief to be confident about how I look. Finally the experience of your shop. I felt among friends not just because of the 2 cups of tea! A collection of clothes that are virtually all possibilities, a warm welcome (and air-conditioning when it got too warm), honest feedback – how often does a shop-worker tell you ''No that's not for you''? It felt like I could take all the time in the world and that I could have left without making a purchase. All in all a tremendous experience and one that will be repeated! Thanks to you all. Love and best wishes Wendy "

Victoria Hollis

"I know cost is a factor in the majority of womens wardrobes, however what is equally important in my mind is longevity,quality and wearing something you are not going to see everyone else wearing. I have an Anna Scholz white label top its a rich chocolate colour with gold trim it flatters my curves and it is more than a couple of years old and yes it cost 3 figures but it's stunning it washes like a dream and I still wear it now I have never seen anyone else wearing it. The fact is you do get what you pay for and at Emma Plus you also have the advantage of being with other women who are PASSIONATE about clothes – not part timers in uniforms who really do not care. The Emma Plus experience cannot be beaten. "


"Take it from me – quality delivers and it is worth the money. I am still wearing clothes from Emma's that I bought ten years ago... Sure have fun for a season – and buy the thin fabric high street Tee in a seasonal tangerine... but come next summer it will sit unloved and unworn... and a waste of money! Better spend your hard earned cash on Emma's lovely wearable durable clothes. Money saving tip- shop her sales... divine and at very attractive prices!!! "


"Dear Emma and the Team... I just wanted to write to say thank you for what I can only describe as taking me in, soothing me, and sorting me out in the face of great anxiety anticipating what on earth I could wear for my precious only sister's forthcoming wedding. But even beyond that, for doing something very special which is really seeing me, and helping me to see myself a little more clearly in terms of who I am and how i might express myself through clothes. As someone of every changing and pretty exceptional size, this last thing is a real struggle for me. Mostly, I scuttle in and out of high street outsize clothes shops only when I have to, grab anything that seems to vaguely fit, and even though I am a creative, expressive person, have long ago lost confidence that any of that could be channeled through appearance. So 'the wedding' was a source of considerable worry for me. You – even though I was an unexpected caller on a busy Saturday afternoon – spent several hours with me, supporting and encouraging me to try on all these options so that the whole thing became a playful, fun and positive experience. Not only did it feel like you were enjoying the challenge, and your team as well, but you gave me lots of pointers and reasons to be cheerful about how I look and wear clothes full stop. And of course, I came away with lovely goodies. It was so special that it might seem strange that it has taken me almost a month to take the clothes out of the bag. I think I feared shattering the good feelings I had, as so often I've spent lots of money on smash and grab clothes shopping and come home to see that what had seemed like a good idea, really wasn't. But when the skirt and blouse you recommended alterations for arrived in the post (thank you!) to compliment the Anna Scholtz dress, jacket, shug, scarf, belt that excited me so – I have finaly dared the mirror finally – and I can say that i really am delighted, and for once in my life looking foward to the big day not only for everyone else to feel good, but for me to feel good too. You are a tremendous team there, and I am so impressed by your empathy, wisdom and SKILL in what you do. To anyone who might be reading this, I couldn't recommend a visit highly enough. And I will be back! Warm thanks Emma, for the great work that you do. All the way from Ireland! "


"The thing is with Emma and her wonderful team of gorgeous girlies they are trully interested in making you look and feel wonderful. High street shopping is so limited and there seems to be little or no thought put into what they stack their shelves with and the staff well that can be left for rant another time. The Emma Plus experience does open your eyes to a world of opportunities with fashion that many plus size women never realise is there. "


"To Emma and her team, I would like to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me and my friends on Friday 19th August. From opening early for us as we only had the spare hour in the morning to your expertise, time, knowledge and most of all the Emma Plus experience!!! Which believe me I will be telling everyone about! (I'm sure if you could bottle it you will have yourself a best seller.) No pushy sales woman trying to sell us everything in the shop and having a genuine interest in us and not the sale. I am so happy with my Anna Scholz dress and for once will be able to enjoy a wedding without having to worry about an ill fitting outfit. The biggest shame is that we are so far away but believe as the saying goes I will be back!!! Diolch yn fawr iawn (Welsh for Thank you very much). Nerys Willams "

Belinda Hopkins

"After my first visit to you and it will not be my last, however I may leave my other half at home next time !!!! I just wanted to say I'm so very happy with all my new trousers and I am thrilled with my new jeans ( Kim you are an inspiration,I never thought that I would ever purchase leggins again – Thank you )Thank you for making me feel normal and alive again with an interest in fashion. All the staff that were in the shop last Wednesday were so helpful and kind – Thank you "

Victoria Hollis

"Hi Emma I just wanted to say thank you so much for yet another amazing shopping experience yesterday and this morning. I am over the moon with my two Brand tops and jeans and have fallen in love with the Verpass trousers I could have quite easily bought a whole load more the faux fur coat was a revelation and the Angel Circle dress was amazing. Your buying skills are something special. You have a magic touch which partially comes from your artistic eye and the fact you get what us larger/plus size/ BBW or however we choose to label ourselves need from what we wear. I have a distinct feeling I am going to be up again before Christmas lol.... Can you please give Kim a massive hug from me. She did indeed sort out my trouser issues. Having endometriosis and regularly going up 4 inches around my waist and lower stomach means trousers are tricky things but the stretch in the trousers and jeans she picked for me means I don't have to worry which is an absolute godsend. Now I'm looking forward to my next visit... Victoria xxx "

Kim P

"Hi ladies, my Verpass top and Marina Rinaldi dress arrived and the alterations made are fabulous. It's amazing what a huge diference even the smallest alteration can make. I would not have considered the Verpass top but your suggestions worked wonderfully and I know I'll get lots of wear out of it now. Thanks again! "


"Just thought girls that I must tell you that he did notice the wonderful new pink jacket that I bought on Saturday! Looked a bit puzzled but then said no wonder I had been such a long time, as thought I told him was only going to collect a pair of trousers that had been altered, little does he know that one just never just pops in! But did admit he liked it! Thanks to you all for making me try it on, never usually buy jackets but this one is absolutely gorgeous, fantastic colour,(pink) would never had considered it before, looks great and am so pleased with it. Wore it again today and received comments from two girl friends. AS usual, you just seem to know what suits. The alterations to the trousers were as usual great. Have a wonderful relaxing Christmas. Thank you all. "


"Just returned home, exhausted but exhilarated after a very satisfying buying spree. Think that spending just over 2 hours in your shop trying on numerous outfits wasn't too long!!! Was having so much trouble on deciding which outfits to buy, especially the lovely Anna Scholtz tunic, divine material, but which one to buy; after ages of indecision, bought only one, but who knows might be sneaking in soon to buy the other one! As usual the two Jacquie's were so helpful,Jacqui supplying me with glasses of water to fortify me during the trying on, at one stage sure we couldn't have fitted any more garments in the fitting room! Jacqui as always you know precisely what will suit me, so just rely on you to tell me what or what not to buy. Thrilled to bits with the black jeans Jacqui recommended, never thought that a mature, larger lady could wear such things. How wrong I was. Again many thanks to you both for your endless patience and advice.Have some wonderful new clothes to wow my friends when visiting them in Venice. "


"Hi Emma and the team, Just want to say a huge thank you for all the time and effort you have taken over recent weeks to make sure that I feel like a million dollars at my daughter's wedding on May 5th. You have been so patient, pinning, trimming and adjusting straps, hems sleeves etc. Thank you so much. It is really lovely to shop in a non hurried, no pressure environment. Simply the best shopping experience ever! See you soon. Jackie "

Angela Brown

"Thank you for the help, on Saturday, with choosing new summer dresses, and blowing my budget again! I always have good intentions but husband encourages me to buy! Please do not show me any more Anna Scholz designs as I can't resist them. "

Anne Worms

"Thank you so much for all your help when I visited your shop this week looking for a wedding outfit. You had loads of choice but one outfit stood out – and hooray it is mine! Or possibly my credit cards! And you alter it too. I still have my mind on two other outfits you have. You are so kind. "


"Hi Emma Just a quick message to say thank you. Yesterday I received 2 packages through the post with all the items you altered for me. Last night I didn't know which one to try first! The black Marina Rinaldi is the nicest linen shirt I have had in years and goes fantastically with the taupe Marina Rinaldi waistcoat – your recommendation couldn't have been more perfect. The blue Anna Scholz dress looks great with all the tweaks to the length neckline and back, Steve has named it my Wedgewood dress. The only thing that is now lacking is the weather in order to be able to wear it all (we have snow outside). Thanks again! Nicola "


"Hi there, I promised to send you guys a picture of me on my wedding day wearing the dress I bought from your shop. We had a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone for helping me get the right choice. Kind regards Dorothy "

Jackie Newman

"What a brilliant time I had at ASD (Anna Scholz Day)!!! Loved meeting Anna and Darren. Great personalities! Can't wait to see the photos. Loved the clothes and can't wait to wear the Cornelli dress on the cruise! "

Kim P

"It was wonderful yesterday and I am so pleased I went (to the Anna Scholz Day). A joy to see so many ladies looking beautiful in their new outfits. Anna and Darren are such lovely people too. Thank you again! "

Niola Sutherland

"I... was... lucky enough to have lots of gorgeous things in my size to choose from. Am really pleased with all three of my gorgeous new dresses. And as always the lovely welcome, service and honesty on what suits me best that I always get with you. Look forward to the next Anna (Scholz) day. "

Luise Thomas

"Hello, My daughter and I visited the shop on Tuesday 22nd May and I would like to thank the staff for their wonderful service. They were kind, encouraging and delightful. They gave my daughter a much needed confidence boost and couldn't have been more helpful in finding her several dresses to try. In the event we decided against purchasing but I would certainly recommend your shop as an oasis in the desert for us proper sized women! Thank you. "

Jen Smyth

"I visited your shop yesterday and for the first time in ages felt comfortable looking for special clothes. We have our Ruby wedding party in 3 weeks and although my shape has changed beyond recognition since my wedding day I wanted to feel just as good as I did 40 years ago. Your shop and the wonderful women working there performed the hoped for miracle. Thankyou "

Brenda W

"I have been a happy recipient of your excellent service and some lovely clothes for a few years. Happily for me, I have applied myself to the Weight Watchers diet and lost 4st. This has reduced me to a size 12/14 and so sadly I won't be able to shop with you. I am planning that this time I won't put the weight back on, but never say never! I can honestly say that the only thing that saddens me about losing the weight is not being able to shop with you as it has always been such a positive experience for me. I felt like I had a personal dresser every time I walked into the shop and was always grateful for the time and patience, and the cups of tea. Be assured that if I do achieve a bigger size I will be back. Best wishes and thanks for everything. "

Sam Rosam

"Just had to write and say how delighted I am with my parcel of clothes that arrived last Friday. I'd forgotten how much I loved the red knitted jacket and the floral blouse is just beautiful. You would never know that they had been altered and now fit to perfection. Both my husband and I enjoyed our visit to your shop, where my husband was offered a chair and a cup of tea (I also was offered tea but declined as I needed to shop!) I felt pampered with you all finding things for me to try and without telling you my size until later you seemed to know how do you do that? Currently saving my pennies for a return visit. See you soon. "

Kim P

"What a fantastic sale, I was so pleased to come into the shop on Friday and pick up some wonderful bargains! I know other customers loved their purchases as well judging by the smiling faces all around the shop. The discounts were generous and on top quality current season clothes. I like being able to wear beautiful clothes that flatter me at a price I can run to and that I know I will get many years of wear from. Although I was not feeling 100% it was a pleasure to shop in a bright, relaxed environment with plenty of comfy seating and an offer of complimentary tea or coffee never far away. I was looking for smart dresses for work and as usual the ladies were able to pick out dresses that fitted and suited me perfectly. It really takes the hassle out of clothes shopping! I used to dread being approached by sales assistants before finding Emma Plus because more often than not they were not offering real help; they just wanted to know what you were going to buy. It's only when you have had the pleasure of being assisted by ladies who are experts in their field that you appreciate how good service is meant to be. Emma's shop and the ladies there are very special indeed! "

Pam Scanlan

"Hello Ladies I came into Emma Plus yesterday with my husband Paul, to buy something for my step son's wedding next week. From the moment we entered you were all so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I can honestly say I've never been treated so well in any other shop! I bought 3 tops, a fascinator and a clutch bag, and I'm really pleased with them, thank you for your advice and support, and for making my stay at Brighton all the better! Keep up the amazing work. Kind regards, Pam (and Paul) xx "

Kim P

"I couldn't believe how comfortable the new collection of NP trousers were when I tried them on yesterday. You could forget you were wearing them! The straight black leg is very flattering and it's nice to have pockets that don't stick out or add bulk. Another winner, I look forward to wearing them once the length is altered. "

Kim P

"Following on from my last post I also completely fell in love the pink and black NP Top. It is gorgeous and I'm sorry my photography skills do not do it justice. Perfect length and I love the way it is cut in at the waist to flatter the waste but not cling over my tummy area. The sleeves are a great length with light ruching at the cuff. It was such a perfect shape for me that I bought the black and cream option as well. Thanks to Anna and Olivia I had a great days shopping and I really appreciated their assistance and expertise. "

Mrs C

"When I was in the shop one day having something altered I was shown a long, fitted, shaped, quilted coat with a hood. I thought it was very nice but felt that I already had some nice winter coats so perhaps I would not buy yet. Then, on reflection I thought it would be just right for my forthcoming trip Stockholm and bought it. I took it on my trip and due to the appalling weather both there and on my return, I have hardly been out of it since!! The make is Frandsen. not cheap but well worth every penny of my investment. It is both warm and rainproof and dries very quickly and it is smarter than most quilted coats. it is also quite light in weight. It also saved me from a minor injury one day at Skansen zoo! So many thanks for showing it to me. PS When will the new season linen trousers be in? "


"My favourite clothes shop [is] called Emma Plus in Church Street [Brighton], next to the NCP. The shop is owned by Emma who in April celebrated 20 years of being in business. Her clothes are designed for outsize people like myself and come from the UK and European countries. Its not a very big shop but she has a great team of staff and they have loads of regulars like myself. On the day, people were queuing outside the shop before it even opened and seeing the photos a good time was had by all. If you/'re ever in the vicinity do pop in and say hello to Emma who will quite likely offer you a cup of tea as she/'s very hospitable. "

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