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Bodyshape consultancy

IT solutions are currently being developed to provide perfect fit for all online fashion customers.  That may sound like pure fantasy – but it really is around the corner.  To achieve it, however, requires a deep understanding of the population's diverse bodyshapes.

I use my experience of women's bodyshapes gained through personally undertaking some 20,000 customer garment fittings over nearly 30 years to advise experts at the cutting edge of this technology.

With poorly fitting apparel largely responsible for the current 20–40% returns rate for fashion e-commerce, I also provide support for the online retail sector – advising on bodyshapes and helping to improve fit, cut and style.

In addition I provide bodyshape advice to fashion start-ups – enabling them to benefit immediately from my experience in this area.

Customer service support

Relationships between companies and their customers are like buildings.  They must be constructed on solid foundations by confident and knowledgeable teams working in accordance with clearly defined processes.

Although each customer is an individual – with unique needs – a comprehensive and consistently applied process can ensure excellent responses to all customer requests.  This goes beyond simply enhancing customer satisfaction... it can increase sales and margins, and create a happier workforce.

I help to define processes, implement systems and train staff in women's fashion retail.  I also contribute to website design in this sector, and advise on strategy for building consistently outstanding levels of customer service.

Plus-size public relations

The plus-size community has woken up to the fact that it has grown in influence over recent years – and social media has given it a platform from which to reflect this newfound confidence.  Larger people are increasingly expressing their desire to do business with organisations that understand, respect and respond to their needs as individuals.

My extensive experience gives me the knowledge required to act as an effective conduit between plus-size women and the fashion industry that aspires to serve them.


When completing a survey, why would one customer prefer to mention that a garment was tight on the 'tummy' rather than the 'waist'?  And why would another insist that she had returned an item because it was tight on 'the bottom', but not on 'the hips'?  Surely from a garment fit perspective these observations are the same?

Without a profound awareness of the way customers interact with their clothing, appropriate questions may be omitted, leading to incorrect or insufficient answers and the data being contaminated.

I devise incisive questions using my knowledge of the fit and cut of garments and how they interface with diverse bodyshapes – ensuring effective feedback is obtained about sizing and fit.

I help to develop womenswear research, informed by my experience of the way people relate to their apparel, as well as the emotions involved when they discuss their bodies.

I also understand the language used by a new generation of plus-size women, and how they, in turn, expect to be addressed.

Product development

Product development requires imagination, creativity and technical knowledge... but also detailed information about customers and populations.  Even the most accomplished advancement would be rendered useless if it did not reflect the customer's needs or – if it did – was brought to market without the benefit of effective communication with the desired customer base.

I use my specialist knowledge of the plus-size womenswear sector in the UK to help develop products that have positive impacts on customers – and, in turn, I advise on how the benefits can best be communicated.

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